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"His confidence in maths has greatly improved – we went over a past paper last night and his speed of knowing what is required has definitely increased - thank you"

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  1. Number
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  3. Algebra
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  4. Geometry
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Designed to be flexible when preparing students for assessments and exams.

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“Thank you Kathryn. That was a first for my son to come away from revision to say he enjoyed your classes. So we are very grateful indeed Kathryn. You obviously have a talent in getting through to teenagers who are classified as 'could do better' species!"
- Kristin, parent

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Kathryn Hopwood - Owner of LearnSmart Academy

Meet your tutor

Kathryn Hopwood Director of Studies & Founder of LearnSmart Academy

Education: Masters in Physics from the University of Oxford (MPhys)

Teaching experience: Kathryn is expert in making education accessible to all and helping all students become exceptional in anything they choose to do.

  • Over 10 years teaching experience across the globe
  • Personal education provider to European Royalty
  • Over 1000 students helped to date
  • Expertise in all core curriculum subjects up to University Level (Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, English)


"My son found the course exceptionally useful - particularly the pure maths syllabus which is where he needs the most practice"



"I realised I’d just been using methods I didn’t understand the whole year before the course, it actually makes sense why and how to answer questions now. We were also warned about the new syllabus this year but it was all explained in the course so I now know what to expect!"


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Revision is planned, organised and varied so no student is ever wondering what to do next

Revision notes

Revision notes, both digital and handwritten

Each topic has full revision notes in line with video tutorials so that students have a full set when they come to revise!

Video tutorials throughout

Each lesson has video tutorials, designed just like private tuition lessons so each student can see concepts explained in real-time. Tutorials can be paused to fit busy lives and all progress is recorded.

Real exam practice to test understanding

Each lesson has practice graded exam questions for students to try, including worked solutions. In addition, there are end of chapter tests and full mock papers, allowing students to put their knowledge into practice at every stage.


Can I, as a parent, see progress? Yes, by signing up with a parent email address, parents can sign in and see progress at any time.

Which exam boards does the course cover? The course covers Edexcel, AQA, OCR, CIE, WJEC

Which tiers does the course cover? The course covers both Foundation Tier and Higher Tier. Topics are easily signposted by tier throughout so students only learn what they need to.

How long does access last? Access duration depends on which plan is purchased. Available plans are:

  • Free one day trial;
  • 1 month access;
  • 1 year access (recommended for Year 11 students);
  • 2 year access (recommended for Year 10 students);
  • 3 year access (recommended for Year 9 students).

How often can tutorials be viewed? Tutorials can be viewed as often and as many times as each student needs.

What is the cost of the course? The cost of this course bundle depends on the number of years you will need access for. Take a look at the pricing options above!

What does the course include? Each online revision course includes:

  • Organised and complete revision for the whole syllabus;
  • Online video tutorials which can be viewed as often as needed;
  • Digital revision notes;
  • Printable revision notes so students don’t spend too much time at a computer;
  • Graded exam-style assessments aligned to the exam boards including:
  • Topic tests;
  • Mixed review questions;
  • Video worked solutions;
  • Mock exams; and
  • A revision report and graded mock exam result to take away.
  • Chat support from our lead tutor;
  • Certificate of achievement.

How long does the course take? Our online courses include a combined tutorial running time of over 30 hours with practice questions for students to do on top. Students will take differing times to do the practice questions and can watch tutorials more than once or may chose to hand pick the topics they find the most challenging. Therefore the course takes a varied amount of time; it can be used for quick revision or throughout the year without running out of material.

Can you take the course in any order? Yes, the topics can be taken in any order and more than once.

Can my child get in touch if they get stuck? Yes, at the end of each page there is a comments box which communicates directly with their tutor so they can get real time help.

If you have another question we haven't answered, do get in touch!

All revision courses are interactive, ensuring engagement

Our A-Level courses are coming this academic year; watch this space....